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2005/06 - Bicicletada Barcelona

Bike and roller skate tour around Barcelona filmed on June 12th by Manu, and edited by Manu. Duration : 1m08s.



2005/04 - Patinada en Valencia

Filmed on April 23 and 24th in Valencia by Thias. A week-end organized by the Asociación Valenciana de Patinaje to which the Asociación de Patinadores de Barcelona and Madrid Patina both attended. Duration : 6m05s.



2005/04 - Ruta Francesc Macia

Manu's second video. Filmed on April 1st's Friday Night Skate in Barcelona. Filmed by Manu, with... all the Friday Night Skaters. Duration : 3m39s.



2005/02 - Coneando

Manu's first video. Filmed at the BcnSpots "Faria/Vega" on a February week-end by Manu, with Mercè, Tatiana, Igor, Manu himself & Thias. Duration : 4m00s.



2004/06 - Thias's second video

Thias's second video. Filmed in May and June in various BcnSpots by Tatiana, AtzlA and Miguel. Duration : 3m50s.


2004/01 - Thias's first video

Thias's first video. Filmed in December 2003 and January 2004 in various BcnSpots as well as in France. Shot with a photo camera, so the framerate and overall quality are low. Edited by Calim. Duration : 2m19s.


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